How should pandemic impact learning?

Hello from UniTol Training Solutions,

How should pandemic impact learning? The answer is th

How important is Cognitive Connect in Startups

The buzz word these days is cognitive connect in Startups - from PM to VC to College gr

Business Case Study

Low cost, ILT (Instruct Lead Training) of a large number of front line and delivery staff of one of

Holding the attention of the Online Learners!

Holding the attention of participants has historically been a challenge that trainers have faced and

Leadership Development - How To Make It Deliver Results

One of the areas of training, in which organizations spend huge amounts of monies, is Leadership Dev

Checklist for Venues - Trainer - Can you change the title?

It is a well recognized fact that among the number of factors which have an impact on the success of

Why we need to plan a Training Session

We have all heard that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail and yet we ignore this all important aspe

Trainers Etiquette (Part-2)

As mentioned in the previous article (Trainer Etiquett-1).we shall now look further into other equal

Trainers Etiquette

A number of things coalesce to contribute to the success of a training program. Trainer plays a majo

Part-2: Every Trainers Nightmare--- How to deal the difficult participant

In the part-2 of the article we shall now look at how to deal with the issues.-the perpetual late co

Part-1: Every Trainers Nightmare---the difficult participant

Every trainer would have certainly encountered participants who are difficult to manage at some poin

Using Movie Clippings in Training

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say. For a trainer, a video may well speak a million. But t
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