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Did you, as a Trainer, ever want to:
  • Have a systematic and continuous communication with the participants
  • Ensure that you are able to send across material – targeted at group of learners in a program
  • Provide participants with post program projects, giving them feedback

Well, some of these you presently may be doing, albeit facing lot of difficulties/issues, in maintaining their emails, then keeping a track of the same in spread sheets or other documents.

Our research has found that most Trainers, especially those wanting to add significant value to the client systems, would like to convert the training from Transactional to a Learning relationship, doing most or all the above mentioned aspects. This not only adds value to the learner but also adds significant value to the client system and the overall efficacy of the entire process.


UniTol has designed and developed a unique cloud based platform, called ParticipantsConnect which helps Trainers to ensure that they are able to

  • Send out program brochures, and invitation mails (to participants)
  • Create and share pre-program tests to check entry level knowledge or behavioral orientation
  • Share pre-program material in terms cases, case studies, videos and other on-line information
  • Group the participants based on predefined requirements so as to send out targeted information
  • Create and carry out surveys including feedback
  • Prepare and roll out post program projects, review, monitor and provide feedback
  • Generate comprehensive program level report covering all aspects of the program – design, participants, material, test results, project and project benefits etc.

ParticipantsConnect as a Service

UniTol has specialized teams which can work with you as a Trainer to customize ParticipantsConnect for your specific Training Program. You could avail this service, where in our team will partner with you to:

  • Identify appropriate pre and post program material, based on the Training needed
  • Design tests which help in measuring appropriate learning metrics
  • Help in designing appropriate projects for enabling learning application and enablement
  • Analytics and dashboard support for your decision making
  • Any other specific requirement that you, as a Trainer, may have
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Participants Connect is cloud based platform which helps Trainer connect with Participants – through the life cycle of learning. So, if you are a Trainer wanting to impact the learning efficacy and impact in your client system/learners, Participant Connect is the platform to log-on to.
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