Enhance Participation after the Training Program

Training programs are conducted to enhance knowledge and skills for improving efficiency of the Participants. But, do Participants take back everything they have learnt to the work place? Most surveys have revealed that Participants use only 20% of what they acquired in the session. When we invest so much of time and money in the training programs, we must make sure that there is 100% output from it. As we have mentioned in our previous article-Build participation before the Training program trainers are now connecting with the Participants through internet (emails, e-learning, blended learning and LMS).
We, shall now look into the post program activities which would maximize the output-
Conducting tests or doing a multi-rater survey would help in assessing the change in behaviour and extent of learning by the Participants. Evaluation results would help in preparing the development road map for the Participants.
Sharing relevant Material:
The Trainer can share materials in the form of books and articles for further reading on the concepts. This would help in rewinding the concepts and also at the same time share greater details on the subject.
Assigning a Course, a Project or an Assignment:
Participants would get more clarity on the concepts when they do assignments or a project or a course assigned by the trainer. When these are given in groups, it encourages discussions and exchange of ideas among group members, there by further enhancing their knowledge.
Trainer Acting as a Coach:
Participants face difficulties when they try to apply theoretical concepts from training sessions to everyday work place behaviour. For this a trainer can act as a coach during the transition period (transfer of learning into performance).
In conclusion when we Build participation before the Training Program and Enhance Participation after the Training Program we generate Motivation (pre program connect with participants) and drive Development (post program connect).


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