Training Management Services

Comprehensive Training Management System

L-Kurve UniTol’s Training Management System, is one of the most comprehensive Training Management Systems that is currently available in the market place. L-Kurve, IT enables all the workflows with regards Training – from Needs Identification to Measurement of Return on Training Investment (ROI). If your organization is serious about Training and how it is managed, then L-Kurve is the tool that will help you.
Training Management System

Our Training Management Product

We understand that different organizations have different requirements with respect to how they plan and operate their enterprise software for different departments or functions. Keeping that in view, L-Kurve has been developed and offered both as a on-premise solution and also as a cloud based SaaS solution. We map client requirements with respect to volume of transactions, degree of e-learning requirements, structure of other enterprise IT products and make suitable suggestions on the most suitable option ie. On-premise or SaaS model of our platform. But irrespective of the configuration, client is assured of a feature rich product that helps them seamlessly manage their Training workflows.

On Premise Solution


Cloud Based: SaaS


Feature Rich

Training Management Services

Manage all your Training Workflows:

The platform enables you to manage all aspects of the Training Workflow. Not only do you get to capture all necessary data pertaining to training , but also generate required decision enabling analytics at every stage.

Why we are a complete 9 Yards Solution

Our comprehensive solution enables you to ….
Training Need Analysis

Training Needs Identification & Analysis

Leveraging on our pre defined database of programs across sectors and industries, apart for over 100 managerial and behavioural programs, collect and collate individual Training Needs (TNI) and generate enterprise TNA

Training Budgets

Plan your Training budgets

Plan and allocate your Training Budgets across various cost heads eg Trainers, Training Facilities, Training Materials, Travel etc.

Training & Employee Development

Monitor Budgets & Costs

Review, monitor, and control your Training Budgets to generate better returns for training and employee development

Training Calendar

Schedule Training Calendar

Plan your Training Programs to suit Employee needs; communicate through synchronous and asynchronous modes the training schedule and other learning activities

Training Value Chain

Dashboard, Analytics and Reports

Access decision enabling dashboards, insightful analytics and management requirement reports, along the entire Training Value Chain.

Explore user behavior on an individual level of detail

Understand various Training related metrics to take appropriate decisions. These metrics cover important aspects of training including

  • Training Costs
  • Training Coverage
  • Internal and External resources utilization
  • Learning indices
  • Learning in action details
  • And many more
Training Management Solution