Training Opportunities

Our Corporate Training market place, portal, which is one of the first of its kind in this space, enables organizations discover Trainers (and Training Consultants) and Trainers find suitable training ( Learning & Development Consulting) opportunities.

As a Trainers or a Training Consultant we are aware that you are mostly constrained by your ability to reach new clients and new Training and development opportunities. This essentially stems from you being mostly involved in delivery of Training and delighting your customers. Many of our boutique training firms, that we know of, are also constrained along similar lines.

On the other hand, Organizations are also constantly looking for qualified, capable and experienced trainers who will be able to meet their specific Training and L&D requirements. And, they on their part, are constrained of a ‘place’ where they find these suitable trainers. was designed, developed to address this specific, information asymmetry and discovery problem. Today, by aggregating quality Training Opportunities on our portal, we have been able to help a number of Trainers, registered with us to find opportunities and serve clients.