employee engagement survey

Designing the Questionnaire for the Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement survey is often conducted to assess the employees ownership for the Organization. It is the employees who are the contributors to the success of the Organizations growth by putting in their best efforts in the output. The Heart and soul of any Survey is Questionnaire. The survey is conducted through a questionnaire to elicit the responses from the employees. The construction of the questionnaire from this angle assumes significance and a tremendous amount of effort need to be put in to frame the statements related to employee engagement Strategies & satisfaction, failing which the survey will not the desired results.
Given below are the steps structures the survey questionnaire-
Purpose of the survey-
To start designing the questionnaire, it has to be based on the objective or the need for why the survey is being conducted. Take into consideration what the organization wants as the results from the survey and accordingly prepare the questionnaire. The Questionnaire should cover the purpose of the Survey to get the desired results.
Choosing the mode of survey-
Survey is usually done in three types- face to face interviews or Quantitative and Qualitative questionnaire. It is advisable to combine all the three in the survey to get the accurate results as all the information cannot be extracted using a single method.
Number of questions to be covered- Make sure that the number of questions are neither too many or too less. The number of questions should be adequate enough to get the output from the feedback.
The structure of the questionnaire should start with an instruction note followed by quantitative and qualitative questions. The note should contain information on the purpose of the survey (why the organization is initiating the survey) and procedure on how to go about to complete it.
Drafting the Questions-
  • The questions asked should be in cover all the parameters of the survey and are of same importance to all the participants participating in the survey.
  • The language used should be simple, short and easily understandable. Always avoid using complicated words.
  • The questions should follow a logical sequence and avoid asking leading questions.Never combine two questions in a single one. It might have two conflicting responses, leaving the participant confused.
  • Frame the questions in a way that will lead to the objective of the survey.
  • When the survey includes blue collar employees, language could become a major issue-in such cases the statements needs to translated into the vernacular
Rating Scale-
It is important to use an appropriate rating scale which will eliminate bias in the response of the participants. The scale has to chosen properly which will force the participants to come with most genuine opinion. Test Run- Before you start initiating the survey, trail run it over a few people, to know if the language and the logic are understood.
The above tips would help you to design your survey better.


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