Holding the attention of the Online Learners!

Holding the attention of participants has historically been a challenge that trainers have faced and this has carried forward into the online era as well. There are, however, a few steps that when taken can ensure that participants actually participate.
The first of course is common for both online and offline programs beginning with ensuring that the right participants are attending the right program
Specifically for the online programs, there are a few advantages technology offers that we can leverage -
Conducting a Pretest and directing the participant to only those areas where there is a significant gap
Having tests or cases interspersed in the program so that participants can assess for themselves on how much they have learnt, and revisit or revise as needed. Summative evaluation gives participants immediate feedback
Have the assessment tests reflected in performance reports, this way participants know the significance of what they are learning
Especially for the more complex programs, ensure that the participants get recognized for their performance
Easy access to a mentor or a coach from the program. This means that the more specific individual questions are answered and participants feel more confident
Blended learning is a concept fast catching up. So add Post program projects to ensure continuity via experiential learning
In today's age a semi-formal approach connects faster with participants. Keep your language and flow simple and flexible
Of course one of the most important factors often forgotten is, keeping the technology simple. People who feel uncomfortable with the platform are not likely to participate
The main point of having online programs is to leverage its many advantages. Design a well thought out and carefully structured platform that not only facilitates your training programs but also helps you connect with your participants. Knowledge is available everywhere today, the focus has to be on Learning FOR Development. Connect with your participants before the program to know them better and maintain the connect post program to enhance learning and boost performances!


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