Multi Rater Feedback

Multi Rater feedback system, also referred to as 360 Degree feedback is one of the tools that organizations invest in to ensure their people development. Depending on the level of maturity and also the purpose, organization may use 90, 180 or 360 degree methods of evaluation.

UniTol Training Solutions has developed a comprehensive, customizable, mobile enabled cloud based product for helping organizations, trainers, coaches to roll out multi-rater feedback process with ease. has been used by Trainers and Organizations for various aspects of the Human Capital development process, including Training Needs Identification, Leadership Development, Coaching & Counseling and Performance Development.

The benefits of a multi rater mechanism are:

  • …for the individual
    • Bring in clarity in perception of self - abilities, attitudes and behavior
    • Act as a basis for guidance/help in improving/developing behaviors and competencies
    • Improve relationships by working on gaps
    • Increases peoples readiness to change
  • …for line managers
    • Improve team & individual performance
    • Support leadership, motivation & team building
    • Provide basis for helping under performers
    • Used to develop or coach individuals
    • Improve relationship with team members
    • Provide basis for non-financial rewards (e.g. recognition, development)
  • … for the organisation
    • Align corporate, individual & team objectives
    • Improve performance
    • Motivate employees
    • Increase commitment
    • Focused T&D
    • Help develop learning organisation
    • Provide inputs for career & succession planning
    • Retain skilled employees
    • Support culture-change
    • Help in the leadership development process