Build participation before the Training program

Trainer and participants encounter each other generally at the training program. The participants usually have little or no clue on what the program would include or cover. However, things are now changing, and more and more organizations would like to the trainers to initiate activities or assignments before the program and prepare the participants for the learning experience. Leveraging on technology trainers are now connecting with through internet (emails, e-learning, blended learning and LMS). Typically what now gets covered as pre program activities include
Intimating the Program agenda and outline of session: Usually participants enter the session not knowing exactly what they will get out of it. It would consume some time for the participants to actually get in tune to session. Getting acquainted with the program agenda and outline before would make participants prepare themselves mentally.
Sharing the Material (books, articles, Case studies, etc): Sending across an article or a case study relevant to the subject would help the participants get acquainted with relevant concepts. Some trainers even insist on reading and summarizing these, which greatly help the entire learning process.
Conducting Tests: Pre Program assessments would reveal the existing understanding of the participants on the concepts. Thereby, the trainer can design the training program accordingly. Trainer can also conduct a survey to assess the learning styles and customize Program approach for better results.
Assigning assignments-A simple assignment before the program would make the participants think on the subject. It creates a forward momentum for the participants and they are more likely to come up with ideas and trigger discussions later in the classroom.
Connecting with participants, both before and after the training program, will help individuals (learners) as well as organizations reap better results. Not only that, this process will help build more meaningful and fulfilling relationship between the trainer and participants.
Enhance participation After the Training program in the next article in this series where we shall discuss how to connect with the participants post program.


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