TPO Franchisee

Our endeavor at UniTol Training is always to enhance the revenue potential for our Trainers and Training and Development consulting firms , and it is in this regard we have launched an exciting offer of Training Process Outsourcing (TPO) Franchising.

Precursor to TPO

As a Trainer/Facilitator or a boutique training firm, have you

  • Established strong and deep relationship with a set of select clients?
  • Has the company used you in the past to support some of their other training activities ? – eg. Helping them in getting trainers from amongst your network.
  • Is your client(s) a aspirational Small and/or Mid size company which does not have a Training Department of its own?
  • Would you like to help the client in the entire gamut of training?
  • Would you as an individual, also like to move up the value chain of training?

If you have answered Yes to most, if not all the above questions, then Franchisee TPO may be a very good option for you.

UniTol TPO Franchising : What & How

UniTol Training Solutions, Instead of Franchise it can be Franchising model of TPO management. As a part of this service we will work with you in

  • Creating the Outsourcing TPO scope document – the strategic, tactical and operational contours of the engagement
  • Preparing the SLAs for agreed processes
  • Whitelabeling, configuring, rolling out and supporting our Training Management System platform, to suit client specific requirements
  • Enabling appropriate outsourcing training instead of Trainer and Venue databases for supporting client training execution requirements
  • Providing a KAM (Key Account Manager), from UniTol, who in turn will support you in your client interface management
  • Providing content, design and research support to help you delight the client