How should pandemic impact learning?

Hello from UniTol Training Solutions,

How should pandemic impact learning? The answer is that it should not. Could it impact training though, the short answer is – yes it can.

This pandemic is a catalyst that drives training to embrace the culture that has already become a norm globally – the culture of technology. Across the globe, as training professionals, we have been working to sustain learning across organizations. Online or virtual training is becoming a norm and people are more open to attending training at their screens.

So how are trainers and training organizations managing training in digital today? Usually, it is a combination of virtual meeting platforms like zoom/Microsoft teams and all other material fighting for visibility in the learners’ inbox. We at UniTol Training Solutions offer you one simple way to tie-up all training requirements and offer a comprehensive learning experience for your learners – ParticipantsConnect.

ParticipantsConnect lets you

  1. Maximize impact by focusing right - Assess your learners before a training program, analyze and custom design training programs
  2. Set common minimum ground - Share pre-work or reading material
  3. Manage blended learning – Create a session plan for your in-class sessions, set-up virtual classrooms with zoom or other platforms, or use our learning platform (with classroom breakaways, whiteboards, pop-up quiz to assess learning progress)
  4. Encourage peer-peer learning – Group similar learners and share materials and projects with individuals or these groups to encourage cross-learning
  5. Support learning – through a training program, continue to share materials and conduct assessments
  6. Establish impact of program – conduct post program assessments
  7. Encourage utilization of learning –continue to support learning post-program by sharing material, more importantly design and monitor programs to coach learners once they are back to their work environment

While, it is easy to learn in the safety of the training environment, there is a tendency to revert to ‘default’ behavior or skill when faced with real life stresses – timelines, competitors or even difficult stakeholders. All corporate training; whether in the area of customer service, selling skills, managing self or, managing people; involves significant amount of behavioural change in the learner for the program to be successful.

Maximise your impact by being their partner as they navigate the new context of work with the new skills. ParticipantsConnect can help you transform training from a onetime transaction to a complete learning experience. Stand out as the organization’s learning partner with us.


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