Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Training Needs Identification (TNI) is a systematic process of collecting individual training requirements of employees from the perspective of the Organization (its Vision and Goals), SBU (its business context and Training requirements), Department (for changes along technology, process or statutory requirements), and Individual (his/her development needs, growth aspirations).

Over 50% of the Organizations say that Training does not give them the results that they had hoped – and the reasons are not far to see. Most of these organizations do not perform a structured Training Needs Identification and Analysis – and the consequence map goes as follows:

  • No Training Needs Analysis → (leads to) Improper or inaccurate Training design
  • Improper Training Design → (leads to) Not establishing the connect between the Learning requirement of the individual and the program
  • Lack of connect → (leads to) impact of training not being able to be measured or inaccurately measured
  • This in turn leads to the fact that a business case for T&D cannot be established


UniTol offers organization TNI and TNA as a service. The advantage of this is that Organization can avail this with no investments in IT or in personnel. This process is completely handled from beginning to end by UniTol and its team.
The entire process is supported by our uniquely designed and developed TNI & TNA process and IT enabled on L-Kurve , which is on a secured platform.
UniTol has the typical training program from across sectors. Our Research and Content team works constantly to update the changing training canvas across various sectors. So, partnering with us, helps you map the latest learning requirements of your team.
UniTol’s TNI and TNA process, provides for one of the most extensive and exhaustive analytics at the end of the process. The dashboard and the analytics provide for clear ‘call for action’ points for the T&D/HR managers.

TNI and TNA for Power Sector

Client : One of the leading thermal Power producers in the country with plants spread across the length and breadth of the country.

The Requirement: Understand the Training Needs of the employees in the executive cadre. Since many of the employees were based in plants and had difificulty in accessing IT systems, it was required that a ‘mixed model’ consisting of IT system and human interfacing should be carried out. The total number to be covered were close to 4,000 employees reporting to over 380 managers. All of this was to be completed in under 4 weeks.

UniTol’s Service : UniTol configured its IT platform, and deployed a team of specialists to interact with client side managers.

Results: Over 92% of the employees were covered in the stipulated time and the training needs analysis was presented to enable actioninzing for the year ahead.


One of the biggest private sector power producers in the country


The TNI and TNA for 2018-19


Capture the Training Needs and provide required analysis for close to 4000 employees


Across the plant locations, spread across India