cognitive connect in startups

How important is Cognitive Connect in Startups

The buzz word these days is cognitive connect in Startups - from PM to VC to College grads, the one word that seems to be most often used is Startups. While the frenzy of unbelievable valuations are kind of tapering off - the fact of the matter still remains that startups in India are a thing to stay and they will continue to propel growth in years to come.

Startups are typically unique idea centric - though in the Indian context, unfortunately many are those which are copy paste models of those available elsewhere. Since they are based on unique idea, a startup doesnot have all the contours of the idea fully crystallized. The founder, or the entrepreneur has a basic model of the solution, of a problem which he/she is trying to solve - in the hope that the solution can be monitized and thereby create wealth. As he/she starts creating the startup, the team that is formed will begin to work with a initial proposed solution which needless to say will undergo a number of iterations as the solution is tested and tried in the market place. Many a time these iterations could well happen much before the solution hits the market place, thereby creating a lot of anguish within the team. Put in other words, the cognitive connect to the goal in a startup is not as clear as it is in well established organizations. The engagement of the team therefore will happen only when the team and its members are able to constantly adjust themselves to changing and moving target, realizing that the onus of this is not just with the entrepreneur but with all of them together.

Successful start-ups are those which have teams which can live with ambiguity and are able to steer multiple pivots with equal and unrelenting enthusiasm.


Madhuri Bedekar
2020-07-11 08:21:44
Very well said and a real problem identified besides the ones we hear everyday

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