Multi Rate Systems & 360 Degree Feedback Part-1

Our performance at work is influenced by our own level of expertise, experience, motivation, nature

Multi Rater Systems & 360 Degree Feedback Part-2

While 360 degree feedback and other forms of multi-rater feedback systems are growing in popularity,

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is often wrongly interpreted as Employee Happiness or Satisfaction but

Build participation before the Training program

Trainer and participants encounter each other generally at the training program. The participants us

Top Trends in 2014 for the Trainers to Watch

The Indian economy has slumped from a 6.7% growth in 2008-09 to an expect 5% in 2013-14. Though the

India : A Training Market on the verge of a Take Off

The world training corporate training market is estimated to be in the range of 300 billion dollars,


Training as a Profession is fast gaining a lot of attraction, thanks to the emphasis that organizati

Use of humor in Training

Humor is a great way to keep yourself and the participants connected in a training program. However,

Make Training Memorable

Here are some softer training methods that are not necessarily essential to conveying information, b

Ice Breakers - the dos and donts

Ice breakers are a great way to start a training program. Most of the successful trainers, usually h

Will Training Outsourcing Really Work?

Outsourcing of HR activities has been on for a long time now. Starting somewhere in early 90's many

What's up in Training?

With technological advances imparting training is undergoing a massive change, posing a variety of c
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