Use of Tests in Training Program

Training programs are conducted to induce knowledge and skills required by the employees to use in t

Training Material: Value Addition to the Training Program

A training program would truly be incomplete without providing the participants any training materia

Role Plays The Do's and Dont's

Logically all trainers know that Role Plays are a perfect way to ensure practice of new skills. But

PPT (Power Point Presentation) Vs Whiteboard Teaching

Training sessions are being customized to suit the needs of the participants. This is evident in how

Anatomy of a Case Study

Case studies are used as a tool to facilitate learning on the part of the participants by the traine

The Benefits of Connecting to the Participants Before and After the Session

Trainers and Participants have always been introduced at their first meeting the beginning of the tr

Enhance Participation after the Training Program

Training programs are conducted to enhance knowledge and skills for improving efficiency of the Part

The Key to Professionalism

The first step to grooming a Professional is to uncover the key to Professionalism. Merriam-Websters

Professionalism the journey begins

Now that we have agreed Professionalism is a Habit and a continuous process (our article on 360o the

Designing the Questionnaire for the Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement survey is often conducted to assess the employees ownership for the Organ

Why is a new Professional, still Unprofessional?

Some Hard Hitting Facts
Different international studies have found that companies end up investin

Preparing Employees for the Engagement survey

Engagement survey is conducted to assess employees ownership towards the organization and

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