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Use of Tests in Training Program

Training programs are conducted to induce knowledge and skills required by the employees to use in their workplace to do extremely well. The question is do all the participants who have attended the session have skilled themselves enough to implement in real life situation. It is revealed that participants only take back 80% of the knowledge to the work place from the training program.
In order to assess the knowledge and skills gained by the participants, tests are conducted, evaluated and the needed action plan is drawn by the trainer. These tests can be used prior to the start of the session to assess the knowledge of the participants, during the course of the session on any module as an assignment and at the end to evaluate the overall learning.
These are taken either paper pencil tests or through web mode depending on the convenience .But most of the tests are now being preferred through online .It has an advantage for quick analysis and reporting of the score and can be stored in database for further use.
Tests give a picture of the knowledge status of the participants when taken before the session.
This would help the trainer to plan the session accordingly. The learning styles of the participants can also be assessed apart from the subject knowledge, so that the trainer can mould the session to suit the learning styles of the participants. A prior assessment and delivering the session accordingly would enable the participants to get skilled in subject.
During the session, taking tests would help the participants in greater retention of the subject. The results of the test are discussed immediately during the session and appropriate suggestions and guidelines would be imparted for improvement.
After the session, tests can be used to evaluate to know the impact of training on the participants. This gives an overall picture of the areas where the participants need improvement. The trainer on these lines can suggest guidelines for improvement in terms of giving additional material or recommending books etc which the participants can take up post program.
There are number of tests (also material to prepare tests) now available online. Online tests are available in varied subjects where some can be accessed free and some others can be accessed through payment. These can be directly taken or modified to our requirements.
Training programs which have made testing as part of the program would certainly be more impactful than those without, especially if the program is heavily oriented to provide technical/ functional knowledge and skills.


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