Training Plan: The Action before the Action

Adani Power is a part of Adani Group, which is one the largest conglomerates in India. The company has over 12 GW of generating capacity. The plants are spread across the length and breadth of the and employs close to 4000 people. Adani Power is a fore runner in many Human Capital development initiatives

Executive Summary
Adani Power which has interests in Thermal and Solar power generation is leading Private Sector power generator in India. Employing close to 4000 people, the company invests significant amount of monies in its People Development. In order to drive structured People Development, the company decided to undertake an extensive Training Needs Identification & Analysis exercise. UniTol was the chosen partner for this assignment, for optimal leverage of its platform, team and expertise.

One of the biggest challenges that the organization faced was the paucity of time that individuals and the lines managers had. Second was the geographical spread of employees– most of them operating from remote locations. Both these challenges meant that getting people to do a thorough and strategic TNI was difficult (i.e.; no quality time spent on this and connectivity hurting the usage of technology). UniTol was given the task of collecting and collating the TNI for over 3500+ employees. The whole project had to be completed in a tight time line of 8 weeks.

What did we do?

UniTol created a project team of senior internal resources. All the identified individuals and their line managers, were given login credentials to our TMS platform, UniTol collaborated with the client and Subject Matter Experts to create an exhaustive list of possible themes of training. This was then followed up with calls to the individuals who identified their individual training needs and then UniTol worked with their reporting mangers to ratify the needs identified by reportees.

Results and benefits

UniTol and its team were able to cover over 98% of the target population and collect the required information. The detailed Training Needs of each of the individuals, that of the team under a reporting manager and finally across the units & enterprise was collected, collated, prioritized and presented to the management, all within the agreed time lines. The client was delighted with the entire initiative.

The client has continued to use the system for its various training processes, across locations and has repead the benefits to