IT Enabling Training Workflows

Hetero Drugs, the largest privately held API company in India wanted to automate its Training work flows to enable learning of 15000+ workforce. UniTol Training Solutions customized its comprehensive Training Management System (TMS), to

Executive Summary
Hetero Drugs, is a privately held manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The company is largest privately held API Company in India, employing close to 15,000 people. The company has multiple manufacturing facilities spread across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is known for its best practices with regards people and processes.

An in-built solution needed to be phased out. Managing workflows was becoming complex when alternating between pen-paper work and an LMS, while also managing data for rapidly growing number of employees. There was a need for a state-of-the art solution to simplify processes and at the same time ensure data security and conformity to the laid down procedures of FDA and other regulatory bodies.

What did we do?

Our team studied the existing systems and identified the inherent deficiencies to be addressed. New functionalities with regards the budgeting, tests and other specific needs of the client were mapped after in-depth discussions with the end users. Keeping in view the needs of the client, our (Training Management System) TMS, was hosted on client servers, incorporating all the changes needed by the client.

Results and benefits

One of the biggest gains for the Organization was in the roll-out of induction programs, covering a large number of people, across multiple locations. The company could now also ensure that test scores and other relevant data were maintained in a manner warranted by the regulators.
The product gave the client access to an array of features for the entire training management starting from Budget creation, monitoring, program design and execution, and a set of comprehensive learning analytics.

The client has continued to use the system for its various training processes, across locations and has repead the benefits to