Trainers Etiquette (Part-2)

As mentioned in the previous article (Trainer Etiquett-1).we shall now look further into other equally important etiquettes. These help the trainer to create a good and lasting impression on the participants.
While you request the participants to switch off their mobiles, it is only natural you practise what you preach. You may want keep it on a silent mode just to check the calls that you receive. However, it is always good to refrain from answering the calls during the sessions.
Very often one is tempted to speak in the vernacular thinking that it will make easier to relate to the participants. This may not work all the time as it would leave other participants wondering and isolated from the discussion.
It has been noticed that some trainers get too familiar with the participants by going too close to them or patting them unintentionally. Care needs to be taken to avoid this behaviour as it is important to respect participants personal space.
Providing your email address and contact number is one way of letting the participants know that you are accessible. Should the participants want your business card rather than running around to distribute, place them on the table for them to pick it up.
At the end of the session it is important to thank the participants and close the session on a confident note. Lingering around and trying to get into conversation with a few participants could be avoided.
Last and most important ´┐ŻNever use the session as a platform to promote any of your products. You can always give them information about what you have done (like eg. Book written by you) but not directly ask them to buy it.
The trainer in essence is someone who is recognised as an expert in disseminating knowledge and skills. This is not the only role that he needs to play. Indirectly, he can influence the participants with his impeccable manners and etiquette during the course of the session, leaving a lasting impression and even become a role model to emulate.


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