Trainers Etiquette

A number of things coalesce to contribute to the success of a training program. Trainer plays a major role in elevating the program. The trainer is the focal point and all attention is centred on him/her during the entire course of the session. Every move of the trainer is noticed and remembered by the participants in fact much more than what he is teaching. Hence, a few etiquettes followed by the trainer would make the training session smooth, easy and memorable.
Punctuality- A trainer should always be there at the session before participants arrive and always end the session as scheduled. An unpunctual trainer sets a bad example, In case hes late should apologize for being late.
Appearance- As appearance is the first thing which people notice and creates a good impression on the minds of participants, it is important to dress properly for the session. Never try to wear new clothes as you would be uncomfortable and over conscious of the new clothes. Also, avoid flashy clothes and junk jewellery as it would create distraction. It is best to dress in a dignified manner to carry oneself well and create an impression.
Attitude- The attitude of a trainer plays an important role in handling the participants. There are a few things which the trainer needs to follow-
First, greet the participants and introduce yourself to the class (your background and experience in the field).The introduction needs to be brief to the point and not a long self praising one. Then, allow participants to introduce themselves and be attentive throughout the entire process.
Try to quickly memorize the names of the participants or refer to the name boards and address the participants by their name as far as possible during interactions. Maintaining a friendly approach with participants would ease participants and create a comfortable atmosphere.
Never try to interrupt the participants when they are asking questions. Listening and responding accordingly will go a long way in bonding with the participants.
Appreciate the participants when they come up with new ideas or suggestions as it encourages participation.
It is necessary to maintain your cool when there is a heated argument or debate in the session. It is important not to take sides but help the participants to see the merits of the argument or debate.
Provide equal opportunity for all the participants to express their views and avoid being biased to the opinions of the participants.
Apologize to the participants when you encounter with any technical problems with any of the gadgets during the session.
Restrict humour to yourself .It is not a good idea to crack a joke personally on the participants.
In the part -2 of this article (Trainer Etiquett-2), we will discuss further about other etiquettes which are equally important to practice.


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