Games that Trainers Play

Training sessions today have become more customized to the need of the participants. Gone were the days when the trainer used to solely depend on the lecture method to carry on the sessions. Today a trainer has to combine a number of instruments to pull the participants to the training program and sustain the motivation till the end of the program. Participants too look forward to an innovative and interactive session rather than a monotonous lecture. Games are one such instrument being increasingly used today.
Games encourage interaction between the trainer and participants and also among participants. Starting the session with a simple game as an icebreaker would place the participants at ease and comfort.
Secondly, a trainer can introduce games to illustrate behavioral or complex concepts (which can be converted into game). Games can be used to demonstrate existing behavioral tendencies (in relation to communication, team dynamics, leadership etc.) and to inculcate or develop new skills (analytical thinking, negotiation etc.).
Thirdly, games can come handy when the session or the program is for a longer duration. The attention levels drop down over a stretch of time. Introducing games in between would bring movement and activity and thus reset their energy and enthusiasm levels.
Finally, games can be used to implement newly learned concepts .This would help the participants in retaining the subject for a long time and practically understand the process and apply them in the work place.
A good amount of different kinds of games pertaining to different themes are now available to trainers on the internet. Games truly make the session lively and interactive promoting a good adult learning environment. So, the next time you plan a training program or a session spice it up with a game or two!
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